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CDL School San Antonio

CDL School San Antonio Texas is truck driving school Class A , we have two options for the training  standard truck 10 speed or automatic semi truck at same price if the student prefer automatic truck we talk the student this option make a restriction in the license to drive only automatic trucks we recommend the first option because the license is without any restriction.

What is our mission?

CDL license changes lives we know that perfectly, CDL license is a great family support is the dream for the people that love the family and the country, Our mission is make this dream possible because we know the expensive prices that this process envolve, we have an inexpencive price like $1500 no hidden or secrets costs.
We make this dream possible and this is our mission, we feel proud about that.

Cel driving school truck training

What the training involve?

The training step by step including:

  • Computer training to prepare for DMV reading test
  • Endorses HazMat and Tanker included in the price
  • Maneuvers like backing, parallel parking etc
  • Training shifting the truck
  • Route training
  • Truck for the DPS testing
  • Job Placement
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Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.

We are Owner Operator CDL Truck Training

I’m Mr Bernardo Zuluaga’ at CDL Trainer school here at San Antonio Texas, truck driving school CDL. I’m an honest Owner, the studies for the operator, we make sure we understand the student needs and for their professional ways to guarantee they will pass the test. CDL truck driving training “pass or pass is Our slogan” for only $1500, you can learn the best way to drive manual 10-speed stick shift truck, which includes shifting utilizing RPN, double clutch and boost your 18 wheeler RPM on the appropriate engine speed.

Training for CDL COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSE class “A” exclusively. We are smaller school giving high-quality training and more importantly, affordable. We know in personal training as an alternative to the cookie-cutter approach.

Topics Covered During Training:

• Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
• Air brakes
• Backing
• Complex parallel parking left and right side
• Basic Handling Characteristics
• Defensive Driving Techniques
• Speed Management
• Visual Search
• Extreme Driving Conditions
• Coupling & Uncoupling

What is Our Goal ?

Using step by step training we teaching you, CDL school San Antonio main objective  is “You Get You CDL License class A without restrictions and job” to do that we have computer training, one on one air brakes and pre trip-inspection training, teacher strategy training, we do everything necessary to training you, hands on the truck probably is the best way and we do that. We are Reliable – Affordable – Honest – No Hidden Costs – Patients With Students.

What is Standard truck training?

A 10-speed transmission in one of the really common and simplest to shift semi trucks. Same like the manual transmission in a car, the shifting pattern in most big rigs is designed in a standard “H” format. The bigest difference is that in big trucks there is a lower and upper or high range. To earn a CDL school San Antonio with CDL school San Antonio you must be at least 18 years old for a Class B or C license, have proof of residency and pass a medical examination. For a Class C license or to transport across state lines and CDL Odessa, you must be at least 21 years old.

What is Our Offer for the student?

  • Best Trainer we love for what they do
  • Standard truck training Lowest Prices $1500
  • One on  One Individual classes 7 days a week “Yes weekends too”
  • Computerized preparation for written exams you can study in your smart phone easily
  • Driving Lessons on the same route that DPS make testing
  • You use for DPS route testing same truck that you got the training
  • Job Placement help available
  • Easy Payment Terms

CDL School Spanish

Truck driving school San Antonio, Houston, Laredo. Corpus, Dallas is an honest Owner-operator in Espanol  CDL school Spanish , CDL school San Antonio understand the student needs, be professional is the way to guarantee pass in the testing, CDL truck driving training “pass or pass is Our slogan” where to for only $1500 you can learn the best way to drive manual 10-speed stick shift truck, which includes shifting utilizing RPN, double clutch and boost your 18 wheeler RPM on the appropriate engine speed before shifting. CDL applicants must then pass a written exam and a skills test, which includes a pre-trip vehicle inspection and an on-road driving exam.

CDL Training San Antonio

CDL training San Antonio, TX  is a truck driving school located in San Antonio and Houston, Texas we delivery full training affordable cost $1500 everything included, CDL training San Antonio do the training  in standard truck 10-speed stick shift gear or automatic depends the student wants. We don’t have Hidden Costs the total cost for the training is $ 1500, You will learn how you can drive a standard 10-speed stick shift truck, using double clutch and RPN for shifting and boost your 18 wheeler to the appropriate engine speed before shifting, this is the real CDL training San Antonio, TX.

Truck driving school San Antonio

The training is in the streets this way give you really good average to pass at the first time DMV test. We don’t have hidden costs, truck driving school San Antonio include the Endorsements HazMat and Tanker for FREE if you take the training with us.

We do the training in Spanish – English, CDL school San Antonio use only standard truck 10-speed stick shift gear shift, the training is hand on the truck  “No Hidden Cost”, located in San Antonio and Houston.

Does the truck driver to school is in Espanol?

Truck driving school Texas Espanol es la posibilidad de recibir el entrenamiento con la ayuda del idioma Espanol, el entrenamiento es en camion semi de 10 velocidades o automatico recuerde que esta opsion hace que su licensia sea resringida, usted estara con nosotros hasta que consiga su licensia en  camion standard, no tenemos costos escondidos,  le conseguimos trabajo y si usted quiere le ayudamos a conseguir lkos endorsements de HazMat y Tanques sin paga mas, es decir que esto esta incluido dentro del paquete que suted compra tambien lo atendemos en Houston Texas.

Is the truck driving school training one on one?

Truck driving school San Antonio training is “One on One” if you are using that you should use your smartphone, tablet or computer necessary and give you the CDL truck driving training with standard truck 10 speed, to pass the CDL DPS reading test and pre-trip inspection skills, confidence & experience needed for daily driving and not just to pass the CDL class “A ” state test We Are in CDL Dallas – CDL school Corpus Christi.Please click Our to know more about Our rental truck service CDL Faq.

Who We Are?

We are an affordable source to get the  CDL Commercial Driver License in San antonio, TX we are a rental truck high quality training program cost is only $1500

What Will You Do?

You can train and obtain your commercial driver license CDL (Class ‘A”) in only a few weeks probably 3 the more important answer about that depends on your talent, Our truck is available for your driving examination at the DMV as many times as needed at no extra cost.

Training hours are flexible and you can choose your own days and your own hours to your training. Payments plans available, call us for more information. We approve debit cards and credit cards. This is why we have a greater than 75% pass-rate the first time.

  • Computer Training For Testing at DMV
  • Pre-Trip Inspection Training
  • In-Cab Air brakes Training
  • Parallel Parking left right
  • Truck Shifting Stick Gear Training
  • Route Training
  • Route Test We Will Give You Same Truck That You Used For Training.

What kind Support Tools do you offer to the students?

We have all the tools you will need so that you can learn how to safely, and properly manage a commercial vehicle click how do I get CDL. As an added bonus, our written test materials and CDL school San Antonio offer Job placement assistance for all the students in finding the jobs they’re looking for, often before they even graduate our program.
As a CDL Connection client, our training includes:

  • Hands-on Training
  • Practice Road Tests
  • Air Brake Teaching
  • Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Backing
  • Parallel Parking
  • Utilization of our Trucks for Training & Exam
  • Skid Avoidance & Skid Recovery
  • Hydroplaning Defense Techniques
  • Break-Away Trailer Defense Techniques
  • Plus more

What is the name CDL training service ?

Just a name yes, www.cdlschooltexas.com and yes is the name for the domain name, we don’t give any certification we think the best certification is the CDL and is the DMV the original institution that give you.

We delivery a great CDL commercial driver license training for low price, the price is $1500 this is the best price on the market, we don’t have secret costs.

If you start the training with our service,  You are going to find out how you’ll be able to pressure a normal 10-speed stick shift truck, the use of RPN for moving and spice up your 18 wheeler to the right engine pace earlier than moving, that is the actual skilled coaching please click here  Dallas Fort Worth Our philosophy is CDL license change life”s, Stay CDL far away Clean drugs and Alcohol, supply a really good economic family support.

Be CDL driver is hard? yes sometimes, but what is easy in USA?

is it the Training on the road?

Yes, it is, the training is every day on the road the CDL class A CDL training use  10-speed stick shift truck, the overall price is $1500 “No Hidden Costs”, Located in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas.

Obtaining a CDL (commercial driver license) can be a costly venture, but when you choose to learn with us, we will provide you with the premium training you’re looking for at a surprisingly affordable price. $1500 all.

Pass Or Pass Promise!
210 946-9841


But what is that?

Using your hard work, follow the rules, a great training make this guarantee, sometimes troubles arise but we are here to make the corrections and try again, some people are easy to learn others are hard! You will be here until you get the CDL license this guarantee your license! !

No hidden costs!

Is no secret or obscure costs, just cost is $1500 or $1900, Cdl license is the chance to get $ 70.000 year easily, the other only way to making same money is going to the college 4 years!


Si, hablamos Espanol Spanish, el entrenamiento es en camion semi de 10 velocidades usted estara con nosotros hasta que consiga su licensia en camion usual, no tenemos costos escondidos, le conseguimos trabajo y si usted quiere le ayudamos a conseguir los endorsements de HazMat y Tanques sin pagar mas, es decir que esto esta incluido dentro del paquete que usted compra.

Importante ser claros que podemos explicar en espanol pero el DPS DMV exige frenos de aire y la inspeccion antes del viaje en ingles, nosotros le ensenamos lo que usted necesite para pasar su licensia CDL.

What Is easy In USA?

Bernardo Zuluaga Proprietor-operator, CDL school San Antonio Texas is referred to as a skilled CDL truck training San Antonio products and services by Bernardo Zuluaga y Gerardo Cabrera instructors Spanish-English

We are the small truck driving school with great service  is an owner-operator CDL training Texas Our student are from different Texas cities like Houston, Waco, Laredo, McAllen, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, San Marcos, Odessa. Midland, San Angelo, Dallas, Fort Worth, Amarillo and more cities.

Do you support in Spanish the training?

Si le ayudamos a comprender algunos procesos que tienen que ver con el Pre-trip inspection y los frenos de aire, pero permitame decirle que usted tiene que hacer el esfuerzo de responder en Ingles English las preguntas que le haga el examinador del DMV.

Estamos en USA, hay que hacer el esfuerzo todo el mundo lo hace y lo logra, la licensia CDL cambia vidas, los salarios que estamos viendo jamas se habian visto, $2000 por semana.

Es una gran oportunidad para mejorar nuestras vidas.

We’re Dependable – Affordable – Truthful – No Hidden Prices

What is Our philosophy?

 CDL license changes lives, Stay far away CDL drivers from drugs and alcohol, supply a really good family support, CDL driving load the USA economy and today we are really important part in the road safety.

Once you get your permit what the student Do?

Start the truck training and training and more training this is the way to successfully past the DMV test, after getting the CDL license we give you  job placement and you get a better family future, check up the next list describing easily the steeps

  • Pre trip inspection for the truck
  • Making wide turns
  • Backing up with and without a trailer attached
  • Braking
  • Coupling and Uncoupling
  • Upshifts and Downshifts
  • Uphill and downhill
  • Pulling hazardous material
  • lose quarter maneuvers and etc

We say $1500 No Hidden Costs and this is true!

What is the Price For The training?

The total price of our training is $1,500, CDL school San Antonio not have hidden costs, remember on a regular basis “The top secret of getting ahead is getting started” Additionally we provide each of our students the chance to pay in payment. CDL school San Antonio is a CDL Truck Driving Training and the rental truck is available 24/7 and promises a 100% passing rate with the best training and CDL school San Antonio.

When you’re completely ready, on the road, we show you how to getting loads, making a lot of money and getting unforgettable adventures is ready for You starts here promise.

Where Are The School Located?

Truck driving school San Antonio is located in San Antonio, Fort Worth escalating company it’s possible to trust in our excellent customer service which we define as being: reliable, trustworthy, dependable, consistent, responsible, reputable and most importantly very affordable so please checkup the nest links for more information:

When it comes to safe practices, Expert Driving School is there with you every step of the way. cdlschooltexas.com offer training for air brakes and pre-trip inspection everything CDL school San Antonio trainer.

What is Our Mission?

If you are engaged to become a Class A driver you are at the right spot. Our mission is to make you the very best Class A truck driving school San Antonio happy getting more customers, this is why we will push you further and further to get you to be the best you can possibly be. Texas DPS may have important rules that you need to know and follow before taking our training.

Every Body Pass

Important Government Trucking Links

They provide a middle class income of about $55,000 per year starting. That’s a higher income than just about half (48%) of all tax filers, including those of married households Truck Driver Training San Antonio education School is a Class A CDL training school that is proudly committed to providing quality professional CDL training to help meet the demands of this rapidly expanding industry. Our trainees will learn what it takes to become a successful professional are owner operators Bernardo Zuluaga and Gerardo Cabrera.

 DallasFort WorthOdessaLaredoCorpus – San AntonioIrvingAmarillo – Plano – Brownsville – Killeen – Grand Prairie

CDL Licensia Cambia Vidas!

Una de las principales cualidades de nosotros como instructores………y que creo la hacen muy valiosa para cualquier empresa, es su gran disponibilidad para trabajar como instructor , ya que cuenta con exelente calidad humana, amabilidad, tolerancia, paciencia y respeto por sus estudiantes CDL Laredo. Just cal 210-9469841 CDL school San Antonio


This training program is really good Commercial Driver’s License training program on the market for only $1900. With short videos and interactive test questions learning in your home  taken straight from the CDL exam. Many prospective drivers finish this training in less than 5 days.
We need to be clear we are not certified school from the Work Force the Texas.