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CDL School San Antonio

CDL school San Antonio is a truck driving school  San Antonio, TX . Bernardo Zuluaga is owner operator , CDL school Texas is a professional truck driving school where for the low price of $1500 you can learn how to drive a standard 10 speed stick shift truck, including how to double clutch and raise your truck’s RPM to the correct engine speed before shifting. We are available in San Antonio, Texas

Our Mission

Our main mission is to provide you with the knowledge using special software CDL  San Antonio using that you can use in your smart phone, tablet or computer necessary  and give you the cdl truck driving training with standard truck 10 speed,
to pass the CDL DPS reading test and skills, confidence & experience needed for daily driving and not just to pass the CDL class “A ” state test.

Truck driving school san Antonio Why Us?

We offer the course for CDL COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSE class “A” only  Small school giving hight quality training in  San Antonio. We believe in personal training as an alternative to the cookie-cutter approach.
CDL school San Antonio truck driving school is for License class A, truck driving school  is in San Antonio is practice on the route but is safe & fun way to learn to drive a standard truck 10 stick shift gear .


  1. Entrenamiento para pasar los examenes
  2. Entrenamiento en el camion clase A
  3. Entrenamiento Pre-trip o alistamiento antes del viaje
  4. Endorsements , materiales peligrosos y tanques
  5.  Ayuda para conseguir trabajo

We Are Available in San AntonioHouston – Austin

Our Training is 10 Speed Standard Truck

  • CDL Class A reading test training
  • Standard Truck Training
  • Endorsements for Double-Triple, Tankers
  • Hazardous Materials training

What is Our Offer for the student:

  • Best Trainer we Love for what they do
  • Best Standard truck training Lowest Prices $1500
  • One on One Individual classes 7 days a week
  • Computerized preparation for written exams you can study in you smart phone easily
  • Driving Lessons on the same rout that DPS make testing
  • You use for DPS route testing same truck that you got the training
  • Job Placement help available
  • Easy Payment Terms

Every Body Pass

Receiving your permits

Once you get your permits you will then be off learning how to:

  • Pre inspect your vehicle
  • Making wide turns
  • Backing up with and without a trailer attached
  • Braking
  • Coupling and Un-coupling
  • Upshifts and Downshifts
  • Uphill and downhill
  • Pulling hazardous material
  • Close quarter maneuvers and etc.

The total price of our program is $1,500, we dont have hydden costs, remember all the time  “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” we also offer our students the chance to pay in installments. CDL school San Antonio is a CDL Truck Driving School is available 24/7 and guarantees a 100% passing rate with the best training, education and trainers available.

When you’re ready, the road, loads, a lot money and adventures is waiting for you starts here promises for truck driving school San Antonio ! – Houston – Austin, as a growing company you can always rely on our excellent customer service which we define as being: reliable, trustworthy, dependable, consistent, responsible, reputable and most importantly very affordable.

When it comes to safety, Expert Driving School is there with you every step of the way. cdlschooltexas.com give you training for air brakes and   pre-trip inspection everything CDL school San Antonio trainer .

If you are interested in becoming a Class A driver you are at the right spot. Our mission is to make you the best Class A truck driving school San Antonio happy getting more customers, this is why we will push you further and further to get you to be the best you can possibly be. Texas DPS may have important rules that you need to know and follow before taking our training.

Please take the time to check this link: DPS Texas CDL Rules

Important Government Trucking Links


Peter Smith

Gracias por la ayudarme, pude sacar mi licensia clas A en un tiempo record pague $1500 en la primer semana los recupere valio la pena, gracias thank you truck driving school San Antonio

Roberto Perez

truck driving school San Antonio can open many doors, from driving an 18-wheeler to transporting passengers. A CDL says that I am a professional driver and will transport people and cargo professionally

Charles Bets

Since leaving truck driving school San Antonio CDL school San Antonio cdlschooltexas for my first trucking job numerous people have told me how impressed they are with my driving skills. I tell them all that cdlschooltexas prepared me to be the best

Robert Menssor

I currently work in the oil fields of  Odessa and making great money! truck driving school San Antonio This would never have happened for me if it wasn’t for cdlschooltexas amazing Job Placement Staff!

Leopoldo Smith

I looked at three different driving schools before walking into cdlschooltexas. I knew immediately, it was the place for me truck driving school San Antonio. Solid training and the respect you deserve, gracias por la ayuda

Carlos Gomez

Thank you so much for help me , ad give me the job placemnet service today im working in the oil fields in Odessa Texas, my family is really happy, truck driving school San Antonio  is a hard work however we need money to buy a house for my sons


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      Truck driving school San Antonio

      truck driving school San Antonio, one further important detail to consider is that truck drivers are well-paid. They provide a middle class income of about $40,000 per year. That’s a higher income than just about half (48%) of all tax filers, including those of married households.

      Profesional Instructors

      Una de las principales cualidades de nosotros como instructores………y que creo la hacen muy valiosa para cualquier empresa, es su gran disponibilidad para trabajar como instructor , ya que cuenta con exelente calidad humana, amabilidad, tolerancia, paciencia y respeto por sus estudiantes.


      Bernardo and Gerardo: Great Instructors truck driving school San Antonio

      Posiblemente uno de los valores que mejor decora y ennoblece el trabajo del instructor GERARDO……… es la sencillez, porque permite reconocer en su labor una oportunidad de servicio y no una posición de privilegio para tener autoridad o un estupendo escenario para hacer gala de conocimientos.

      Tal vez una de las figuras más llamativas es la del instructor entusiasta, siempre con una sonrisa dibujada, optimista, emprendedor; quien difícilmente se enoja, pero a la vez es estricto y exigente; disponible al diálogo; bromista pero respetuoso; capaz de comprender y dar un buen consejo. Esto es lo que enmarca al instructor GERARDO…… quien lo espera en Cdl School Texas …. para atenderlo.

      low price truck driving school san antonio

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