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We are the best truck driving school in Texas. With us, you get the CDL Class A license. And most importantly, for the lowest price, you only have to pay $ 1500 for the training. Plus, it includes read test support, InCab air brakes, pre-trip inspection, maneuvering, truck driving training, truck testing, and endorsements.

To prove it, CDL Texas school is the best way to get a CDL license in Texas.

Low Price CDL Training
Truck Driving School

Our Team

In the first instance, CDL School Texas is a corporate entity had found in 2000. Accordingly, It has recognized as a high-quality full-service and commercial driving school.

In fact, we provide individual and personal attention. To tell the truth, our reputation as the premier Texas truck driving school has grown tremendously.

Actually, We have expanded our operation to 3 locations: San Antonio, Houston, and Fort Worth in just a few years. For this reason, we have increased our reputation and dedication to customer service.

Team CDL School

Bernardo José Zuluaga

Owner Operator

The principal contact of the company. Call 210-946 9841. Mainly, we cover the following locations,


  • San Antonio

  • Houston

  • Fort Worth

Team CDL School

John Smith

Course Instructor

Mr. Smith has worked ten years as a truck driving course instructor. He is an expert in the components of transit and mobilization of the vehicle.

In addition, he knows the traffic and road safety regulations. He knows tips to avoid accidents on the road. With him, you will learn about the identification of vehicle components and much more… Specifically, the following topics,


  • Vehicle components. 
  • Security elements. 

  • Vehicle inspection. 

  • Adaptation to the vehicle. 

  • Speed control operation or speed selection. 

Team CDL School

Daniel Brown

Driving Instructor

Mr. Brown is a experienced and officially certified driving instructor. Too, excellent driver with a safety record. Additionally, he has extensive knowledge of traffic regulations. Deeply familiar with the requirements of the DPS Texas DMV Test. He is a friendly and courteous professional who excels at establishing relationships with diverse people from different walks of life. He knows about auto mechanics and can identify problems with the vehicle. Careful to ensure the safety of students at all times. To enumerate, the following topics,


  • Actually, provide one-on-one practical driving lessons for students working to get a driver’s license.

  • Above all, teach refresher or specialized driving lessons.

  • Additionally, use dual controls to ensure safe operation of the vehicle at all times.

  • In all honesty, ensure students are proficient in skills necessary to pass the Texas DMV DPS test.

  • Lastly, identify factors that prevent a particular student from mastering a skill and work to help the student overcome them.

Our Promise

We are committed to giving students all support to ensure that they are safe and responsible drivers. At the same time, the students can following the rules and laws.

Consecuently, the training provides the knowledge necessary to ensure that students improve the ability to apply the laws of driving in a real-world job.

The trucking industry turns out to be less demanding because driver comfort is the most important. Because of this, work hours are planing to ensure proper rest and alertness.

Also, that is why essential standards are set for truckers involved in interstate commerce. As a result, CDL School Texas offers effective training.

To demonstrate, we knows the traffic and road safety regulations what is necessary to avoid accidents on the road. Your responsibility is to learn!

Therefore, our goal is perfect for students to be successful drivers on the way. Additional, you give you information contact: Bernardo Zuluaga Owner Operator. Phone 210-946-9841 CDL Truck training CDL School Texas.

Most importantly for you, we have a low cost Training: $1500 Total.

Of course, we have no hidden costs.

CDL School Texas understand the demand for trained truck driving professionals. Accordingly, with truck driving being a highly profitable and adventurous business.

Certainly, truck driving is the perfect career. For that reason, CDL Truck Training CDL School Texas employs only experienced drivers as instructors. Above all, the friendly and experienced team of CDL Truck Training CDL School Texas is here to work for you.

Furthermore, CDL Truck Training CDL School Texas believes that individuals can develop their innate talents if they are given the opportunity through systematic training and instruction. Our instructors give you the best updated CDL information available.

CDL School Texas is the trucking school that serves the area as almost all items are transported at some point by tractor units. For this reason, there are many job opportunities. Especially, the trucking industry overall employs 1 in 12 American workers.

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Capacitación asequible

Específicamente, le ofrecemos capacitación asequible: $1500. Además, le aseguramos que aprobará el examen DPS del DMV.


Incluye, la prueba de lectura y las habilidades de inspección antes del viaje, la autoestima y la experiencia necesaria para conducir todos los días y no simplemente para aprobar la prueba estatal CDL clase “A”.

¿Dónde nos encontramos?

Ahora, estamos en Houston – San Antonio – Austin – Dallas.
Para concluir, haga clic aquí para comprender más sobre nuestras preguntas frecuentes sobre el servicio de alquiler de camiones CDL.

As a result, give us a call to schedule your first driving lesson.


Given these points, here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

CDL Shool Texas gave me tools that reinforced my driving skills. Through, practices in free spaces.

For example, where theoretical-practical exercises were carried out to test the knowledge and skills learned during the course. For me, this experience prepared me to know how to act in the face of difficulties that may arise on the road.

Sophia Jones

CDL School Texas really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general. On the other hand, they got me a first time pass! So, This is School is highly recommended.

Harold Green

CDL School Texas gave me confidence from the first time I got in the car. Indeed, they offered me flexible hours.

In addittion, their teachers are very well trained. Too, they offer a learning methodology tailored to the person who wants to learn to drive.

Grant Harvey

Surely, it is the best school I know because It has been a very enriching experience. In particular, with highly qualified trainers and comprehensive knowledge of road safety.

Kate Lewis

Thanks to CDL School Texas I got a job. Obviously, I am very happy with this.

Kelly Johnson