No, autonomous trucks will not replace truck drivers. However a lot CDL driver say Autonomous trucks Warning About Jobs . 3.5 millons jobs?, At least not in the short term. While too much has happened in the world of automated vehicles, truckers are unlikely to be out of work anytime soon. Despite Uber’s historic automatic truck delivery in 2016, much of the automated driving technology currently being developed is passenger cars rather than trucks.


While specific industries, like mining, use autonomous trucks regularly now, most reports indicate that automated lorries won’t be on the roads until the second half of this decade. And even then, the truckers will have to be in the truck. 

Here’s the information on why:

What is Maneuverability?

Trucks are much larger than cars or other styles of vehicles, and automated systems like collision avoidance don’t work as well on trucks due to their lack of maneuverability. Trucks cannot turn or brake as fast as the typical four-door sedan. Also, while a passenger vehicle can avoid cars, people, and objects on the side of the road, it is much more difficult for a truck to do so. The technology does not exist for trucks to operate safely on America’s highways today.


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The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates a shortage of 100,000 qualified truck drivers in the US; a deficit projected to grow to more than 400,000 qualified CDL drivers in the coming years. According to the ATA, starting salaries are typically around $ 40,000 and can go up to $ 60,000 or more with experience.

What is Automatic Transmission Semi-Trailer Training?

Trucks with the latest generation automatic gearbox are automatic and standard. Simultaneously, it is possible to change the equipment and system; they have tabs for studying, preparing trips, are so bright, and need great drivers. Registration and compliance with this Department of Transportation legislation, Back, turn and hitch/unhitch a 53-foot trailer of reference in the industry.

The trucks are:

• A crucial part of the USA economy.

• Represents about $ 700 billion in US manufactured and retail products.

• Transport about 70 percent of cargo each year.

Another $ 500 billion in trade with Canada. If you are interested in joining and being apart

It was part of the ranks of the 3.5 million commercials driver license (CDL) truckers in America who have completed truck driving school.

A career in long-distance trucking requires a commercial driver’s license, and the trucking programs at the CDL school provide the best training CDL drivers can get. This type of career may not be for everyone. 

Still, suppose you’ve decided that the opportunity to travel and help grow the United States economy by transporting essential items across the country is the career for you. In that case, we can help you achieve it.

Consumers and businesses across the country depend on truck drivers to deliver the items they use every day: books, food, electronics, office supplies, medical supplies, and more. The decision to join the trucking industry is a huge career change.


USA economy is load under trucks, we are 3.5 millón CDL driver moving good in all 48 states. Our nation’s truck drivers are needed to make deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic; they are necessary to support in these times of economic revival.


With millions of Americans out of work, CDL training is an excellent option for many people looking to get back to work ASAP. Truck drivers are considered essential workers during the government-issued stay-at-home order. Call us to take another step towards your future as a truck driver!




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Autonomous Trucks Sensor Limitations

Drivers of “autonomous” vehicles still need to be vigilant due to sensor limitations. The potential for disaster with an autonomous truck, much more work needs to be done regarding the sensors that autonomous trucks must use to maneuver on the highway. The sensors consist of radar and camera technology and are generally located on the top of the truck cab. However, several things can go wrong depending on the weather, including the sensor blinded by the sun or other inclement weather.


It would not surprise many people to learn that nearly 1 in 7 fatal accidents involving trucks is due to driver fatigue. Automated truck deliveries could alleviate the death rate from traffic accidents involving large trucks.

Road without Truck Accidents is a safe path!

According to the Federal Statistics National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, crashes involving large trucks killed 4,761 people in 2017. More than 70% of those fatalities were occupants of other vehicles. Automated trucks can help reduce the number of fatal accidents on America’s highways each year.

Automated trucks, despite the need for a driver announcement in the cab, can save companies millions. Morgan Stanley estimated that automatic cargo deliveries could save more than $ 160 billion a year. These savings come from lower fuel costs, lower labor costs, fewer accidents, and higher productivity.


Most likely, when large companies start rolling out automated trucks, drivers will still

need to monitor the truck’s operation on the road, intervening as needed for particular maneuvers and deliveries. Autonomous driving technology can allow truck drivers to work longer days, as they can rest, relax and do other things, such as completing paperwork, on the road.

There are several companies with vested interests in the independent trucking industry. Looking at these big companies and what they do with their technology and advancements is the best way to predict and see in the future what could happen, especially when it comes to trucking jobs.

The Biggest Autonomous Companies


It is the parent company of Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner Trucks. They have been testing their automated truck since 2014, and last year they announced that they would build electric trucks near the state, beginning in 2021. On 19 January 2019, Daimler announced that it would hire more than 200 people to help develop autonomous trucks that they intend to have on the road by 2030.


It is a company based in Beijing, China, and San Diego, California. Its test facility in Arizona has seen more than 15,000 miles driven by automated trucks. TuSimple uses camera technology instead of radar technology, and the company requires a Class A licensed driver to be in the car at all times.

 These drivers are known as “driver supervisors,” and TuSimple wants its trucks to be on the road both in the United States and in the country of China to

for years to come.


It is a company based in San Francisco and was founded in 2016. The company aims to allow truck drivers to spend less time driving and more time doing other aspects of work, increasing their productivity. Ultimately, your tactic is to automate the process of driving on the highway while letting a truck driver take over once you hit an exit.


Owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company tests autonomous trucks in California. Each of your trucks requires and needs a human driver in an emergency, but they use radar technology to navigate through traffic.


The biggest and smartest is one of the most famous players in the autonomous driving industry. Tesla is aiming for the future to incorporate an autopilot system, currently installed in its late-model cars, in trucks. A drivers needs to be behind the wheel in this high-tech system, but the truck computer controls and other processes such as acceleration, braking, and steering.