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truck driving school Houston


CDL school in Houston Texas is a small truck driving school Houston Texas service, we do training only for Class A with a standard truck or automatic truck if the students prefer.

Who Are We?

CDL Class A truck driving school Houston serving all Texas, We are an affordable supply to get the CDL Commercial Driver License in Houston, TX if you need to rent the truck we are a rental truck training service cost is only $ 1500.

Who is the owner?

Bernardo Zuluaga is an owner-operator, CDL school in Houston Texas is known to as longtime skilled CDL truck training Houston. Bernardo Zuluaga principal instructors Spanish-English we are the smaller truck driving school with excellent facilities. Our student is from different Texas locations like Houston, Waco, Laredo, McAllen, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, San Marcos, Odessa. Midland, San Angelo, Dallas, Fort Worth, Amarillo and more cities.

What Will You Do?

You can train and acquire your commercial driver license CDL (Class 'A'') in only a few weeks probably three the greater significant answer about that depends on your ability; CDL school in Houston Our truck is available for your driving examination at the DMV as many times as required at no additional cost.

Training time is adjustable, and you can tell me about what is the best days for you. CDL school in Houston, TX Computer Training For Testing at DMV Pre-Trip Inspection Training In-Cab Air brakes Training Parallel Parking left right. Truck Shifting Stick Gear Training Route Test Training We Will Use Same Truck That You Used For Training.


What kind Do Support Tools students?

Computer training you can study in your home yourself easy pass the DMV reading test and truck training.

Precisely what may be the name CDL School Texas?

CDL school Houston is $1500 CDL truck training service, working in Houston, Houston Dallas Fort Worth Texas You on the way to discover out how to use a standard 10-speed stick shift gear truck, the use of RPN for shifting and improve your 18 wheeler to the right engine gear revolution rank to moving. That is the actual skilled coaching; please click here CDL school in Houston.

How complicated is the CDL training?

There is nothing painless in the USA, Yes, it is, the practice is every day on the streets the CDL class A CDL training use 10-speed stick shift truck, the overall price is $1500 “No Hidden Costs,” Located in Houston, Fort Worth. Getting a CDL (commercial driver license) could be much money like costly adventure, but when you take the way to learn with us, we will provide you the excellent training you’re looking for at a friendly and affordable price. $1500 for all.

What Exams Do We Need To Pass?

The exams are General Knowledge, Combination Knowledge, and Air Brake Knowledge. Air Brakes, Pre-Trip Inspection, Skills Test, Maneuvres Road Test, For the latest information, CDL school in Houston visit: or visit your closest Texas DPS office. For Texas Residency requirements, go to

CDL School Faq

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What is the Pre-Trip Inspection?

The pre-trip inspection becoming done. These are very useful and informative.

Remember to notice the recommendations listed below that will assist make the pre-trip inspection simpler to remember and pass:

1. If something features air or fluid in it, forget

2. When you see something that has bolts.

3. If Any part that is attached to the truck you need to tell the inspector “securely mounted.”

4. NEVER express: “It looks healthy or look good or look nice.” Many examiners have explained that they do not like the phrase “looks good.”

5. Make sure all parts “working properly.” include wiper blades, lights.

6. Be patient all around the test.

7. Talk Talk Talk makes an outstanding difference, is better to talk a lot vs too little. Follow in order to the pre-trip inspection test.

In order to get the CDL license what test do I need to take?

just after this order you will be running on the way

1. Texas Commercial Rules

2. Combination Vehicles

3. Air Brakes

4. Pre-trip Inspection

5. General Knowledge


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