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Logistic transportation marketing intelillence

Daily transport companies must face a series of difficulties, when offering their services, this due to the competitiveness we have in the country, it is important that a marketing study or intelillence is carried out, where the needs of our clients, arriving directly at them, and safeguarding it immediately, some transport companies are limited to offering a basic service where the client takes it only by necessity. It is vitally important that each of these plans in a concise manner that the client obtains other needs, since it is up to them to sell a more complete portfolio. And not only sell a half service.

How many hours should a driver be in front of his work truck

The electronic logbook are making a big difference in the CDL drivers life and security, It is not exactly about having how many hours that a driver must stay in front of his rudder, but we are referring to the number of working hours that still remain too many, which has become a real problem for these companies. transport, some see it as a fairly normal job, but other companies have begun to worry about the days so exhausting that these drivers live daily, and that not only are they affected but also that the trucks begin to fail mechanically and this makes them enter the workshop constantly, putting the company’s productivity at risk, since other options must be implemented in the action plan that each company must have for these cases.

They are all good weather for truckers.

It should be noted that in the United States we have all types of climates and that this variable is present in all the states of the country, which means that according to the weather, the mood of the drivers may also be present. It is not the same to drive your truck with a climate that exceeds 39 or 40 degrees of temperature to drive under less degrees of temperature, where the visibility deteriorates completely, the state of the roads are quite difficult and complicated to perform some kind of maneuver and also puts the life of each of them at risk. If we analyze each of these hypotheses, it is suggested that companies are more aware of the working hours of each of their drivers, as this will prevent premature physical wear and tear and at the same time prevent the company from having to change drivers for a while.

It is necessary to always have good flow of truck drivers

When we refer to countries like the United States, we are also referring to the complications that large trucking companies have to face and without a doubt one of the main drawbacks is that it is the lack of regulation at the time of contracting. relevant drivers. However, this is not the real concern, in reality it is the lack of personnel that has the adequate training to take on these vacancies, since these positions require a lot of self-denial both physical, mental and other implications such as being away for a long time from their families in some cases lengthens the stay in other states, due to the long distances between one and the other.

How difficult it can be to park your truck?

When we talk about parking a car, we can say that it can be relatively easy, due to the authorized points you find in each place you arrive, but if we talk about parking a truck on the highway, it is quite difficult to find where to do it, that these cars due to their size occupy too much space, what some drivers generate a bit of discomfort by not being able to park and supply a little their needs, this implies that they must continue until a next stop where they find a suitable place to be able perform your rest. This series of complications makes these drivers feel tired of the same situation all the time, and that is where the problem comes for the company, since some refuse to carry out the routes that are too long and exhausting, and some end up retired and in this way he submits to hiring new personnel, and training him. Let me i tell you if you are in Brownsville and want to get the CDL license just call Bernardo Zuluaga 210-946 9841 or visit us

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