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Low Price CDL School San Antonio

Low Price CDL School San Antonio owner Bernardo Zuluaga, yes we are truck training San Antonio, TX  cdl class A  Program $1500 everything included, promise pass or pass.

“Wherever you are You can start the training”

CDL TRUCK DRIVIN SCHOOL TEXAS delivers with dedication class A training, the best thing about CDL SCHOOL TEXAS is we provide the same questions and answers that the DPS does and you can complete all your online training at home on your computer, tablet, and smart phone. This way people who are working don’t have to miss work or worry about coming to every class. You’re free to come in and do your online training here at the testing facility. There is no need to worry about your schedule. We like for our students to know we work with them, CDL SCHOOL TEXAS has the lowest rates and the best training in Houston, you can’t beat this offer.

You don’t have to pay $3500 or $7000 for CDL training. CDL SCHOOL TEXAS offers the lowest and best rate in town. Nobody can compare or even beat our price or training. So give us a call and we promise we will have you on your way to becoming a Professional Commercial Driver. You just need a call and $1,500 dollars to begin your career as a Professional Commercial Driver.

CDL SCHOOL TEXAS is located in:  San Antonio, Texas, Austin Texas and Houston, Texas.

If you feel that CDL SCHOOL TEXAS is a perfect fit for you, call us at 210-946-9841. It takes one call to begin your journey to becoming a Class A driver with the best training in town. Don’t hesitant to call us we are available 24/7. Our staff are the friendliest and most respectful staff you’ll ever come across. We offer you quality information and make sure you receive the best training.  We are conveniently located near Freeway 90 in San Antonio TX, giving you easy access to our amazing training facility.

Once again feel free to call us anytime, any day of the week at 210-946-9841. It only takes a five minute call to get you enroll in our school and give you the best knowledge and training to help you become a professional commercial driver.

Here at CDL SCHOOL TEXAS we make sure our students become PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL DRIVERS. Come check out our website at cdlschooltexas.com where you will see more information about our training at CDL SCHOOL TEXAS. THE BEST ONE ON ONE TRAINING BY THE FINEST CLASS A PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL DRIVERS. Give us a call at 210-946-9841. We are here every day all day 24/7. Don’t be scared, here at CDL TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL TEXAS we are customer friendly and ready to help. We hope to hear from you soon.

What is JOB placement?

With Class A CDL SCHOOL TEXAS Semi Truck driving jobs in high demand, truck drivers have peace of mind knowing their jobs and salaries are secure. With a multitude of job openings nationwide we have a huge database of jobs openings at the moment, you can be confidence that your new career can provide you and your family with consistent income and a path to solid retirement. This is WHY we exist, to keep our promise………Our Promise is Pass or Pass!

Looking for a professional truck driving school? At CDL Truck Driving School in Texas, our promise is “Pass or Pass” we are proud to provide quality one on one classes, for a really low price.

We will give you all the knowledge and training you need to pass the certification tests the very first time.

We provide the best and most accurate training in town with every essential tool needed to be a successful Class A driver. Yes, we provide trucks and trailers you can practice with, both Standard and Automatic trucks.

Our Computer Based Training (CBT) offers the same questions and answers that the DPS does and you can study at home using a tablet, Smart Phone or Computer system with the options of English or Spanish.

Training with a Standard truck costs $1500 or you can pay $900 to train with an automatic truck.

Endorsements, HazMat and Tanker.

We offer Job Placements in some of the best Oilfields.

When you finish your training we will get you employed in the best company that you

Q. Is this program for real?

A. Yes. This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We created the low price CDL class A training program because we need truck drivers to move the USA economy yes,  customers freight we have a lot. Largely due to the massive retirements of the Baby Boomer generation, the demand for truck drivers in America will continue to increase dramatically over the next ten years, and that makes truck driving a very stable career choice.

Our give you a cdl training program connects you with skills you can use to improve your professional and personal life and helps your family forever we work in all Texas, Houston , San Antonio, Odessa West Texas.

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Q. What’s the catch?


Bernardo Zuluaga ceo cdl school texas

A. Because You spend a lot of money and invest heavily in yourself , we ask for your commitment in exchange for the value of our program. The value of the training is in effect progress for your live and family  –  you simply complete the training and get the license class A and  drive  heavy duty truck

Q. Low Price CDL School San Antonio Job placement ?

A.  If you were to go to a truck driving school Austin too, Laredo Texas, Corpus Christi Texas you would not be paid and you’d have come up with the tuition for the school. Our program work good we help you in the truck driving school and after that we can show you what companies need drivers.We are Low Price CDL School San Antonio please call we are the best option for you.

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Specializing In Pre-Trip Inspection Skills Test in Texas

  • Low price $1500 standard truck program cdl truck training class A
  • Job Placement
  • Pass or pass promise

Low Price CDL School San Antonio

Here’s The Low Price $1500 cdl school in . San Antonio, Texas

Yes that’s right, we’ve the best price in San Antonio Texas ever  $1500 really low!  Computer Training, Truck Training, Job Placement & more!