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Tips CDL Driver Starting Road

Tips CDL Starting Road my school tips this is what I want to show you, now you got stuck together to the idea the get the CDL license, you’re ready to go into the CDL school San Antonio my name is Bernardo Zuluaga CDL school Owner Operator.

You know CDL PASS OR PASS school you’re going to now just wiggle your day to get the computer training to get the Instruction Permit on the at this moment you are ready first time get the truck training on the truck. Now you got the license and go to the road, I start to give you tips for success.

Just read carefully

1- Do not overpack clothe, shoes and things You don’t need that much stuff. One will suitcases to build fit into their in my experience carrying too much stuff you very on the truck with a with a driver or partners who have too much stuff, give you troubles you need clean space.

2- Pack important thing make a list as you can get long travel, Everything needs to be planned, you do may be a way to get money immediately.

3- Enough money troubles arise and we need some money in cash to fix Just bare bones broke that’s understandable.

4- When you start to drive the truck you are a mercy of that company, You can be at the mercy of that trucking company if they’re giving you advances you don’t know that these are questions you need to ask that you have no money you’re going to have to go to a company that gives you advances like I know prime does that for you to be able to eat.

5- Don’t make the wrong friends, don’t hang around. The people were complaining about the company and probably make your mistake about the company probably is a good company however if you listen to bad thing be careful to follow Tips CDL Starting Road.

6- People who seem like they know what they’re doing are people that we need to follow.They can actually help you don’t mind helping you out around the team players. The people having team mentality is people that we need to be far away.

7- Pre-trip inspection and this tips CDL Starting Road save time and risks You have to learn the pretrip you need to understand is really important ,skipping and messing up on learn the pre-trip train everyone that you meet there are apps on your phone that you can download which helps you to the pre-trip and the general knowledge and all the CDL testing is called CDL practice and is important when we drive a truck.

8- Test its smartphone is working good downloaded the APP to support the road like truck dispatcher, scale and others free Apps, get to know it, use it.

9- Keep your hygiene together if you have a team to drive. Do not stink a big deal. People hate you immediately when you stink become your partner is unhappy and probably make rude with you.

10- Be careful with the harassment if you feel that talk immediately to the office, don’t permit the trouble to grow.