CDL Training  San Antonio TX is truck driving school Located in San Antonio, TX training is only for the license Class A, we have two options for the training standard truck 10 speed or automatic semi-truck at the same price. If the student prefers automatic semi, we tell the student this option makes a restriction in the license to drive only “automatic” trucks we recommend the first option because the permit is without any limitation.

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    San Antonio is a city located in Bexar County, in the US state of Texas. In the 2010 Census it had a population of 1,327,407 inhabitants and a population density of 1,098.14 people per km².It is crossed by the San Antonio river. It is the seventh most populous city in the United States and the second in the state of Texas.

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    What is the CDL license Class A?

    A license that gives the rights to drive semi trucks with a gross combination weight rating (GCWR) Up or of 26,001 lbs  A Class A commercial drivers license is required to operate any combination of vehicles or if you towed “vehicles” and they have more than 10,000 Pounds.

    Who is CDL Training San Antonio, TX?

    We are Owner Operator We are CDL training service, affordable, reliable. We know in personal training as an alternative to the cookie-cutter approach.

    I’m Mr. Bernardo Zuluaga Owner operator at CDL Training San Antonio, TX ; I’m an honest Owner, the studies for the operator, we make sure we understand the student needs and for their professional ways to guarantee they will pass the test.

    Obtaining a CDL (commercial driver license) can be a costly venture, but when you choose to learn with us, we will provide you with the premium training you’re looking for at a surprisingly affordable price of $1500 all.

    CDL truck driving training “pass or pass is Our slogan.”


    Support students in using different tools to learn to drive a semi-truck safety and pass the DMV testing. We strong believe CDL license changes lives we know that ideally, CDL license is a great family support is a dream for the people that love the family and the country, CDL Training San Antonio, TX mission is to make this dream possible because we know the expensive prices that this process involve, we have an inexpensive price like $1500 no hidden or secrets costs.

    We make this dream possible and this is our mission, we feel proud of that.

    What is Our Goal?

    Reach the license for all the students using computers training software, step by step learning program, one on one truck training, give job placement for all students.


    Is easy and quickly depends on you, the training include everything you need to pass the DMV test,training step by step including:

    • Computer Training help to get CLP “CDL Learning Permit.”
    • Pre-Trip Inspection Training
    • In-Cab Air brakes Training
    • Parallel Parking left right.
    • Truck Shifting Stick Gear Training

    Route Training

    Route Test We Will Give You Same Truck That You Used for Training.

    Job Placement


    Manual or automatic transmission the time in the process to reach the CDL depends on you, some people learn easy others are hard learners, discipline, study makes the big difference in the success process.

    A 10-speed transmission in one of the common and most straightforward to shift semi-trucks. Same like the manual transmission in a car, the shifting pattern in most big rigs is designed in a standard “H” format.

    What Will You Do?

    You can train and obtain your commercial driver license CDL (Class ‘A”) in only a few weeks probably three the more critical answer about that depends on your talent; our truck is available for your driving examination at the DMV as many times as needed at no extra cost.

    Training hours are flexible, and you can choose your days and your hours to your training. Payments plans available, call us for more information. We approve debit cards and credit cards. This is why we have a greater than 75% pass-rate the first time.

    What is Our Offer for the student?

    Standard truck training Prices $1500

    One on One Individual classes seven days a week “Yes weekends too.”

    Computerized preparation for written exams you can study in your smartphone efficiently.

    Pre Trip inspection software that helps with videos and quizzes to pass easy

    Driving Lessons on the same route that DPS make testing

    You use for DPS route testing same truck that you got the training.

    Job Placement support available

    Easy Payment Terms easy is $1500 in payments.

    CDL School English – Spanish

    What are Texas areas available the low price CDL training?

    Truck driving school San Antonio delivery the services in Houston, Laredo, Corpus, Dallas, Fort Worth, Mcallen.

     Is the truck driving school training one on one?

    Truck driving school San Antonio training is “One on One” `. We have truck day cab that gives a chance to only the instructor, and the students are in the booth in training.

    The computer training gives a chance for the students to study in the home, office using a computer or smartphone.

    Please click Our to know more about Our rental truck service CDL FAQ.

    What kind Support Tools do you offer to the students?

    We have all the tools you will need so that you can learn how to safely, and properly manage a commercial vehicle click how do I get CDL. As a bonus, our written test materials and CDL school San Antonio offer Job placement assistance for all the students in finding the jobs they’re looking for, often before they even graduate our program.

    What is the name CDL training service?

    Just a name yes, yes is the name for the domain name, we don’t give any certification we think the best certification is the CDL and is the DMV the original institution that provides you.

    We deliver a great CDL commercial driver license training for a low price; the price is $1500 this is the best price on the market, we don’t have hidden costs.

    CDL driver is a hard job?

    Yes sometimes, we need to drive 10 hours a day, watch rules, support DPS blue cars when starting the lights red, blue, yellow, orange and we need to park the truck the truck and get an inspection and much more,  but what is easily in the USA?

     Is it the Training on the road?

    Yes, it is, the training is every day on the road the CDL class A CDL training use 10-speed stick shift truck, the overall price is $1500 “No Hidden Costs,”

    210 946-9841


    Pass the CDL test require that you and I work together, hard work, follow the rules and excellent training makes this guarantee, sometimes troubles arise, but we are here to make the corrections and try again, some people are easy to learn others are hard! You will be here until you get the CDL license this guarantee your license.

    No hidden costs!

    There are no secret or obscure costs; just cost is $1500 or $1900, CDL license is the chance to get $ 70.000 year easily, the other only way to making same money is going to the college four years!

    ¿Qué es CDL licencia entrenamiento en español?

    Si, hablamos Español Spanish, el entrenamiento es en camión semi de 10 velocidades usted estará con nosotros hasta que consiga su licencia de camión, no tenemos costos escondidos, le conseguimos trabajo y si usted quiere le ayudamos a conseguir los endorsements de HazMat y Tanques sin pagar más, es decir que esto está incluido dentro del paquete que usted compra.

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