CDl Drivers Owner Operators

//CDl Drivers Owner Operators

CDl Drivers Owner Operators

CDL Drivers Owner Operators

CDL driver owner operator that think can make money reach 2000 miles a week will be out the business in a few years, if you are owner operator need to understand 3000 milles a week is a standard to work in the trucking industry.

Let me I want to tell you why? Where? In short or we get the truck seriously or we get troubles this post is for the cdl truck drivers owner operator that enjoy pass days in the truck stop.

Trucks Run With Diesel

The price diesel 2,018 year is growing and the difference between going sitting in a truck stop going on the road is the price of fuel but the bills dont stop ever what ever the truck is parking in the truck stop. I was try this, I got to talk some more about the money nor the part about frogs and contribution to leasing everything.

Expenses dont stop on the road

Going to the house every truck you need to average about a dollar 50 average today $1.80 per Mille so I wanted to touch on a couple things because CDL drivers think if have a truck as owner operator make money for sure , I see a lot of new young owner operators to get hung up on the rate per mile under $1.50 to drive 100 miles ago get a load the diesel have cost if rate per mile is too cheap I’m not going to come knocking to do itself.

The Load and the payment

I think every load’s gonna pay between $1.80 to two dollars a mile below doesn’t pay in this market CDL drivers are short for loads and trucks, I wanted to explain my thinking or my theory on that that you know instead of breaking it down by per mile pay I’m crying anything less per mile*breaking it down by I need to make X amount of dollars per day.

Truck Driving School San Antonio

CDL students everyday in the school are reach from Bernardo the owner and teacher ” CDL business is about RUN the truck, if truck stop everything in the country stop. I’ll go back to our list of our expenses likes of these rough, rough estimate you, insurance, truck, trailer, fuel, maintenance, and yourself all comes out to $14,000 rough estimate, so it might be said you want to average a dollar 50 mile which I think is very obtainable and you will do about 10,000 miles a month to me mile for me, but you can do 10,000 mile month easy not to work out $15,000 a month gross.

Trucking Industry For Owner Operators

So the thing guys the future for the owner operators get hung up with is that they want a rate per mile or not commit dead head but if you break it down to you want to do 10,000 miles a month, 30 days in the month at 320 hundredths miles.

Talking in Numbers!

That’s 300 miles aprox, If I drive 300 miles a day average for 10,000 miles a month so that works out to a dollar 50 a day at a dollar 50 per mile times 300 equals $450 to $500 a day so that your goal is to make $500 or more a day for 30 days a month so guys get hung up the business, if you want business you need to make 3 things with your truck, RUN or RUN or finally RUN the truck, stop for pre-trip, sleep, and to makes PEE and the rest.

CDL Drivers Expenses don’t Stop

These expenses don’t stop, meaning your truck payment your trailer payment in your maintenance and you got yourself, these expenses don’t stop when you’re sitting, the only thing that don’t expense when stops the truck and you’re sitting talking trash with others CDL drivers in the truck stop is the fuel.

The truck need to run to make money marketing intelillense is necessary that I always say the difference between sit in the truck stop and going down the road is the price of fuel. That’s the only difference so when you’re driving down the road. The only extra expense that you have driving down the road is your cost of fuel all your other expenses like insurance, loan payment, etc are still clicking grow away every day.

Bernardo Zuluaga 
CDL School owner operator


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