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Semi Trucks Air Brakes Systems

Semi Truck Air Brake Systems Semi Truck air brake systems is an essential part in the truck we are talking about safety and this the is an inspiration to write to you today about the very fundamentals of air brake systems and the fundamental information that you should come out of an air brake course CDL school Austin make special reference to the safety training.

With one of the things that the students of Truck Driving School Austin, TX always struggled with concerning air brakes, is trying to explain to students that there are two power sources in an air brake system. An air brake system works exactly the same as the brakes on your car or light truck break. In your light car or truck our hydraulic brakes. In other words, it’s hydraulic pressure fluid that activates the brakes.

Main Truck Brakes

Main Truck Brakes Also, there is a parking brake, and there is an emergency brake on your vehicle. Now Semi Truck Air Brake Systems Semi Truck air brake system and hydraulic systems are named after their power source. The power source that applies the service brake is the foot pedal that you use the brakes going up and down the road, and there have always struggled with that because the air brake systems have 3 different systems that confuse students.

cdl school austin ,tx phone address infoBecause they have something on air brake systems that are called spring brakes, and it leads students to believe that there is a different braking apparatus on the air brake system,  in agreement with what we are saying here, some people think that there are spring brakes or something else other than air brakes on an air brake system.

Confused About Truck Brakes?

Semi Truck Air Brake System We would like you to let us know if you were confused by being called air brakes and spring brakes. In this text, we are going to try to unravel that mystery for you and explain the fundamentals of what you need to know in an air brake system. When you arrive at your course to earn your class A, CDL license at Truck Driving School Austin, TX, you will have that critical information for drivers. Now we are talking about the fundamental knowledge that you need to know when you come to our air brake course.

 3 Brake Types Semi Trucks

Types of brakes There are three brake types on your vehicle. You have a service brake which is the foot pedal when you go up, and down the road, you apply the foot pedal, and the truck comes to slow down or stop. Semi Truck Air Brake Systems Is used most of the time, 99.9% of the time. All systems are divided into independent subsystems, so it’s unlikely that braking systems regardless whether it’s hydraulic braking system or an air brake system are going to fail, Service brake is the foot pedal.

The next Brake that you have on your vehicle is the parking brake, and I know here in North America, 85% of us, in normal trucks or cars, drive automatic transmissions and of these people who drive automatic transmissions 90%. People never use the parking brake, but there is a parking brake your vehicle and Truck Driving School Austin, TX would strongly suggest that you apply it after you put the car in the parking. Is hard on your transmission when you don’t use the parking brake. Spring Brakes Now, if the service brakes fail in a regular car.trucks and trailer driving cdl school austin

The foot pedal fails, and you don’t have brakes going up, and down the road, you can pull the parking brake on using the power from your body and the lever is attached to a cable to the brakes on the back and bring the vehicle to a stop. Now you’re using the parking brake as an emergency brake. So the three systems on your standard vehicle are service brakes the foot pedal. The parking brake switch.

The energy comes out of you as you pull up on the ratchet mechanism or push the ratchet pedal down on the floor and if the service brakes fail you can use the parking brake to bring the vehicle to a stop, and thus the parking brakes become the emergency brake. All that spring brakes are as another power source on an air brake system. On an air brake system, we have service brakes which are the foot pedal, and it applies the brakes on the vehicle using air pressure.