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Texas Oil Industry Jobs

Texas Oil industry probably a better place that CDL driver want to work in Texas and Dallas is the center because pay really good today July 2018 CDL drivers are making $2000 week and more starting, to work for Oil drillers, Oil refineries, oil transportation, Oil services, Oil tools, etc CDL drivers drive trucks for nations push grow the economy if you want to work in the oil industry CDL license is the way just call Bernardo Zuluaga 210946 9841 or go to CDL School Click HERE.

Oil Industry History

The price of whale oil has been was rising precipitously well. Oil was extracted from the blubber and oil sperm. A study of oil and courses for Missouri whales were hunted extensively in the 1830s the world heard, as it was accessible at the time was very much depleted and that, of course, drove the price of sperm.

In this time 1800s  years whale oil was seen about as a possible alternative to illumination cities, homes, heat whale oil nobody can get enough from a single whale, cities taller than the tallest buildings lamps burning whale oil were still the dominant source of home lighting.

oil industry denading CDL drivers

The First Step Was Kerosene Production

The natives using for long time oil to make fix healthy troubles, years later the professor Bissell in 1854 sent a sample of the Pennsylvania oil to a chemistry professor at Yale for analysis, the idea knows what more we want to make with the oil, was wild dream company.

Have in their possession all material from which bicep, not expensive processes they may manufacture very valuable products, after the study he discovered that through boiling the oil It could be distilled into a high quality illuminating fluid called kerosene which burns with a clean, bright flame Bissell and his partner, this was a great moment for the whales and the country.


Oil elixir cures

The problem they faced was how to get the oil in large enough quantities to create a kerosene market. The solution came from a bottle of make-believe medicine while in a drug is shop one day in 1856.

Bissell saw an advertisement for a miracle elixir cures rock oil medicine that featured on its label, and Derek used to drill water wells water distillers in Pennsylvania had long been plagued with the problem of oil seeping into their wells.

USA Drilling old days

Mr. Bissell immediately grasp the drilling for oil might make sense what they needed was someone to supervise the drilling of a well.

Townsend suggested his friend Edwin Drake Drake was probably not the most obvious choice to drill that became the finer oil well by the purser on the steamboat event a conductor on the New Haven Railroad and so on, today Texas Oil industry jobs is great in opportunities for CDL drivers.

New Business History

I think is a major qualification for the job was a needed work at the time when it was announced that test well with me drill for the express purpose of finding all in the area that people Drake became a laughing stock laughed so hard for his backers to give him some credibility. The storage tanks at an oil refinery Dallas Texas

Spring of 1859 in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Col. Drake hired a local blacksmith named uncle Billy Smith and they began drilling for oil. As the months passed, they hit the water but nothing else.

The oil industry’s first well seem destined to be the oil industry’s first dry hole as they saw there a few thousand dollars, draining down Drake’s well the investors grew increasingly wary.

Lucky Day

It was one day too late with the well at 69 feet deep Edwin Drake looked down the hole and saw something dark floating to the surface. When asked what was uncle Billy answered simply, that’s your fortune oil ancient just begun. We now return to modern model today Texas produce oil in Odessa, West Texas, Laredo, Brownsville, Houston and Austin, and Dallas are center for oil investigation and investments, CDL owner-operators are making money in Texas oil industry take your time and get the license.

Texas Oil industry jobs


Texas, wherever you go, is a great place to work, people think in grow, CDL drivers get really good family future if you want to get the CDL license just call Bernardo Zuluaga 210946 9841