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Women make a positive difference in the trucking industry; every day, there are changes in the culture of the trucking industry; the trucking industry’s way of thinking towards females has changed significantly in recent years.

It is common for female truckers to succeed in an industry traditionally dominated by men. Women truckers are now seen as much more equal to their male counterparts and have even overcome barriers once considered impossible.

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Truckers are altering the industry by bringing their voices into the discussion. Females have been a part of the trucking market for years. However, they were usually overlooked as well as taken too lightly.
Female vehicle drivers were stigmatized as “Bad luck for truckers” because the popular opinion was that their existence would certainly cause crashes, yet this has been extensively demystified.
Females who drive vehicles are just as safe when driving as men!

Despite much pushback, female chauffeurs are proud to make strides today in an industry that historically depended on a male labor force. Ladies truckers bring a fresh brand-new viewpoint to the sector, benefiting companies, and the trucking market’s future.

Despite much initial pushback, women drivers are proud and deliver a tremendous fresh to the transportation industry that historically relied on a male workforce. Women truckers bring a new perspective of safety, honesty, and beauty to the industry, benefiting both employers and the trucking industry’s future.


These are the minimum requirements to obtain a CDL in Texas after Feb 7, 2022:

1- ELDT Mandatory 20 hours, we are a certified CDL School that will provide ELDT classes and send certification to the DMV

2- Training cost is $2300, with no hidden fees and you can pay in payments, flexible schedule, including weekends.

3- You need a Texas Driver’s license and Social Security Number.

4- Spanish English support

5-Apply and complete the corresponding application in the office.

6-Compliance with DOT medical necessary health certification.

7-If you are from Canada or Mexico, you must be a permanent resident of the USA or an American citizen

8-Present proof of Texas vehicle registration and liability insurance

9-Pay or Arrange traffic tickets pending

10-Photo and fingerprinting and signature.

11-Pass an eye exam.

12-Pass the English or Spanish knowledge tests for the corresponding class A or B license

13-Pay the required fee(s). DMV $70


CDL Training is only $2300